The Agency's Legal Directorate was created under section II of the Nigerian Meteorological Agency establishment Act, 2003. The Directorate was established to render legal services to the Agency in accordance with international best practices.

Vision Statement: 

To ensure that the set goals and purpose of establishing the Agency are achieved in line with the established rules, conventions and laws.

Mission Statement: 

To administer and discharge all legal obligations of the Agency especially in the field of Meteorology.

Customer Details: 

  • Government, Ministries and Agencies
  • Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria (FAAN)
  • Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA)
  • Nigerian Airspace management Agency (NAMA)
  • Airline Operators
  • Maritime Agencies/Operators
  • Accident & Investigation Bureau (AIB)
  • Relief Agencies
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Media Houses
  • Farmers and Enviromentalists/Conservations
  • Scientists and Technologists
  • Military Institutions
  • Construction Firms
  • Energy Firms
  • Educational Institutions
  • Research Institutions
  • International Organisations
  • Transporters
  • Religious Organisations
  • Tourists/entertainment operators
  • Sports Managers and Telecom operators
  • Financial Institutions
  • Contractors and Consultants
  • Board, Management and Staff
  • General Public