The Directorate of Applied Meteorological Services (DAMS) is one of the operational sub-systems of the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET). There are three Divisions that make up the Directorate of Applied Meteorological Services viz Agro meteorology, Hydrometeorology and Marine Meteorology Divisions. The Directorate is also in charge of NIMET’s Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Centre at Oshodi.

Vision Statement: 

To be active partaker in ensuring that the set goals of the Agency vis-à-vis the provision of world standard Weather prediction and service for sustainable national socio-economic development for safety of life and property are achieved.

Mission Statement: 

To contribute to the overall corporate goal of transforming meteorological services in Nigeria to international standards as specified by the WMO using the combination of conventional methods with Information Technology (IT) and satellite technology to provide products and services for agriculture, early warning and drought vulnerability assessment in aid of natural food security and management of water resources in Nigeria.

Customer Details: 


  • Commercial Banks/Agriculture Banks for credit processing.
  • Insurance companies
  • Ministries of Agriculture (State/Federal/ Research Institutes)
  • Local Government Areas’ Agric. Departments.  
  • Consultants/students/researchers.
  • Universities and Agricultural Institutions.
  • Farm settlements.
  • Rural farmers.
  • Agricultural Development Authorities (Federal/ States).
  • Co-operative farmers.
  • Feed mill factories.
  • International bodies.
  • General public. 


  • Shipping industry
  • Oil industry
  • Fishing industry
  • Insurance Companies
  • Researchers from institutions of higher learning, Government Institutions and interested bodies/individuals
  • Media and press
  • Engineering and Construction Companies in Coastal areas
  • Coastal Dwellers, Tourists etc
  • The General public.
  • Government Organizations.


  • Structural/Civil Engineers.
  • Construction firms, agriculturists/farmers.
  • Soil engineers.
  • Hydro-electric generating bodies.
  • Federal, States & Local Governments.
  • Institutions of learning.
  • Nigerian Emergency Management Agency.
  • The general public.
  • Building industries, cosmetic manufacturing industries.
  • Paint manufacturing industries.
  • Oil exploring industries.
  • Insurance firms.
  • Banks/financial institutions.
  • Schools, Colleges and Universities.
  • River Basin Authorities.
  • Agricultural Establishments.
  • Govt. bodies at all levels.
  • International bodies.
  • Hydrologists.
  • Tourism industries.
  • Textile industries.
  • Structural engineers.
  • Oil Exploring Industries.
  • Water-Related Agencies/Bodies