NiMet has begun activities aimed at enhancing the capacity of its technical staff.

The Director-General /Chief Executive Officer of NiMet, Prof. Abubakar Mashi revealed this during a three-day capacity building workshop for State Meteorological Inspectors (SMIs) and Chief Meteorological Technologists (CMTs).

Prof. Mashi said, while declaring the workshop open, that it was organised specifically for the agency’s officers with the responsibility of coordinating the weather observation in all NiMet weather stations across the country.

He charged the participants to observe strictly the issues that bear on their work such as ethics and integrity. This is in consonance with the agency’s ranking, which has placed a greater onus on it to maintain best practices that obtain elsewhere in the world.

He informed the participants that the agency, during his watch, will work to improve staff welfare in all respects. Prof. Mashi declared that he believes in making staff satisfied because then, they would perform optimally.

On the enabling law establishing NiMet as sole agency with responsibility to collect meteorological data and disseminate same to public, Prof. Mashi lamented that the law is weak in some areas, and called for a review of the laws to strengthen the agency and give it power to prosecute violators.

Other issues that the NiMet management is working on include increasing the number of operational weather stations across the country in line with the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) specifications, as well as means of increasing the agency’s internally generated revenue (IGR).

Increasing the number of weather stations will be done by creating synergy with operators of already existing private weather stations and sharing data with them. Their current operations will be reviewed and their capacity improved upon so that the integrity of the data they generate will be acceptable anywhere.